The Bronx: History's Stranglers

Ah, The Bronx. They're a punk band, if you want to label them that generally, but they've always been a little out of sorts in that scene. The last time I saw them live, for example, was at a festival in Melbourne where they played right after Slayer and right before Iron Maiden. And they killed it.


When they're not burning the house down as The Bronx, though, they're changing five gears in a stroke and transforming into Mariachi El Bronx, a...Mariachi band. Quite literally. Complete with outfits and everything.

So, yes, you can't pigeon-hole this band. Anyway, as The Bronx, the LA outfit has released three self-titled albums (each unofficially named for the year of their release). The track above, History's Stranglers, is from their 2006 sophomore effort, and isn't just a great song, it's a great video as well.


Creepy, but great.

For another great Bronx video, check out this one for They Will Kill Us All Without Mercy, from their 2003 album.

The Bronx [Official Site]

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I definitely thought it was a joke when I heard they had released mariachi music. Hopefully they get back to being The Bronx again soon.

I saw them some years ago opening for the Distillers and it was freaking awesome.

RIP the Distillers AND the Bronx (until they decide to quit screwing around).