Tom Rose of the Boston Globe has waded through the metric ass-ton of games available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, compiling a lovely little list of the 20 best games of 2008.

Navigating the storm of games that have appeared in Apple's App Store since it launched earlier this year is a complete pain in the ass, and since I don't keep up as much as some of the other Kotaku editors do, lists like Rose's are a godsend, despite a few selections I wouldn't entirely agree with. For instance, Enigmo, Guitar Rock Tour, Trism, and Hero of Sparta would have definitely made my list. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes, however? Not even close. Ngmoco's Rolando takes top honors for the year, despite being released only 15 days ago, which just goes to show that quality doesn't need a head start.

It's probably best to look at the article as a list of suggestions, rather than a definitive list. It plays it safe on several levels, but it did contain a few titles I didn't know about that I am now quite happy to own.

The top 20 iPhone games of 2008 [The Boston Herald]