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The Bonus Round Ventures To Borderlands, Sings Ballad Of Gay Tony

In part three of our appearance on GameTrailers' Bonus Round, the panel of video game industry know-it-alls talks more about this season's biggest games, including Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony and Borderlands.

Obviously, this episode was filmed before I marathon played Borderlands for today's review of the Gearbox Software developed game, and well before Mr. Totilo will weigh in on Grand Theft Auto IV's second downloadable episode. See how young and naive we all were—me, Geoff Keighly, Michael Pachter and Tom Russo—in the era when these games were just a glimmer in our eyes.


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Looks interesting. Borderlands has been totally under my radar and might pick it up if its coming out for PC. Hopefully its a lot better than STALKER which I found disappointing. I'd love to try these DLC's for GTA but I have a ps3 :p I really liked how that one suit guy mentioned that MS is ultimately responsible for not wanting to port its games to PC because it forces players interested in an IP to buy a 360....damn