The Fake Sega CD Exclusives We Never Knew We Needed

Anyone up for a game of Cool Spot Buries the Bodies or Don’t Make the Dog Happy?

The Sega CD is often cited as one of Sega’s first big missteps on their slow spiral out of the console market. The system was criticized for featuring far too many Genesis ports and Full Motion Video (FMV) games. With only a handful of must-play titles the system was soon phased out for the more powerful Sega Saturn. If only there were more quality Sega CD games out there for us to fawn over.


Enter Twitter account @SegaCDGames, an unofficial online entity that has been posting very convincing mock-ups of hilarious and bizarre Sega CD games. The account, which has been posting games since March of 2016, has amassed over 16,000 followers. And who’s surprised with gems like these.

Though the account reveals nothing in the way of who is to credit for this madness, I managed to reach out to the mysterious owner for permission. As it turns out, @SegaCDGames is actually run by... actor and writer Brian Firenzi. Best known for his work in RocketJump Studio’s Video Game High School, Firenzi never thought the account would take off like it has.


Firenzi posts whacky Sega CD titles daily to his now-not-so-secret account. His first book, Exquisite Boy, was recently released on Kindle and carries much of the same outlandish humor. Firenzi tells me he is currently working on a second book, but admits that it sadly doesn’t revolve around the Sega CD.

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