The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth, a major expansion for the game that adds tons of new areas and items, hits PS4 on May 10 for $10.99. It’s supposed to arrive on the same day for Xbox One, as well. No word yet on a Vita version.

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I bought Rebirth for the Vita and it is not cross buy for the PS4. Unfortunately the developer or someone closely associated with the Vita version has hinted it will not be available on the Vita quite some time ago and ignores any questions about it now (…).

I will not rebuy a game like this for the expansion therefore my time with this game is probably about done. It’s too bad because the game really adds some cool features. I wish they had been able to tell us sooner as I would have bought the PC version instead of the Vita version. It was just chance I decided to grab it on the Vita because I grabbed my Vita at the moment I decided to buy it forgetting that the Vita is basically a dead system in the West.