The Biggest First-Person Shooter Battle Ever Had Over A Thousand Players

1,158 players. 5,089 vehicles destroyed. 53,729 kills. Big numbers, is what I'm saying.


Over the weekend, community site PlanetSide Battles managed to rally 1,158 players to smash the Guinness world record for single largest online first-person shooter battle. Their game of choice was, of course, PlanetSide 2, SOE's MMOFPS about angry people in purple pajamas killing each other infinitely, until the end of time. It's great fun! Here's a video of the carnage (set to Fall Out Boy, naturally), per WaffleVFX.

The record was previously held Man vs Machine, which drew 999 players. That is, in fairness, a much prettier number than 1,158, but it is not bigger. I asked a calculator, and it called me an idiot. Here are more big numbers:

Total Streamers2,338
Team Kills3,822
Bases Captured31
Vehicles Destroyed5,089
Air Vehicles Destroyed2,509
Top WeaponOrion VS54 (3,382 kills)
Top VehicleSunderer (2,041 kills)
Higby Killed by Knife2

If you're really into watching lots of people fire lots of bullets, you can also watch the entire battle from multiple fronts.



I was part of this! Glad to help the game I've loved for two and a half years make history :)