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The Big Con is a game is about conning people. In the ‘90s. In it, you’ll “meet NPCs from all walks of life, rip them off, and sometimes help them if you feel like it.” You’ll be doing this in hopes of saving your mom, who owns a video store, from her debt to loan sharks. Because it’s the set in the ‘90s, you might even end up making a handsome profit from “latest collectible plushie craze.” The folks developing it have worked on games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Jazzpunk, and Guacamelee 2, so it’s one to keep an eye on. For now, its release date is TBD.



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Nathan, could you give some clarity on why some articles appear formatted like this in the Kotaku TL? It would seem like normal functionality is to click the title to read the article. You guys have added click the picture at some point, which helps in this case. But then when the article slotted into this format has a video instead of an image, it doesn’t work. You have to click the comment icon to get to the article.

Even if the video page doesn’t have any text to expand beyond the flavour/tease every article has, it can still be preferable to open them in another window. Because if the video is using the Gizmodo video player you’re forced to use has an atrocious unpausable/unskipable ad policy.

Just curious about the mechanics and why you even have this slot that functions differently from everything else in your TL. Would appreciate any discourse.