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The Big Bosses of Dead Space: Extraction

When Dead Space hits the Wii later this month it will be a mostly on-the-rails shooter. But that doesn't mean it won't be scary.

In this latest developer diary for the title, we're told all about the things the team did to ensure the original Dead Space experience wouldn't be watered down.


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Dead Space was my favourite game of 2008, but I'm not getting this game.

First off, the game is on-rails and for a "horror" game that takes away from the sense of fear because you know that you are being guided safely around the environments rather than progressing at your pace through the places like I did in Dead Space. For example, when I'm scared something will pop-out I take it slowly or if I think there is an area that I shouldn't be standing around because something will come out and attack me, then I can try and avoid it. It let me interact with the fear it produced and I loved that, but making it on-rails just doesn't give you that sense of control or fear. It's basically like the game is telling me, "you are fine with the direction we are making you go in because we are putting you in those areas, so you have to fend off the enemies from those areas."

Also, they added co-op play which makes the game automatically less frightful no matter the scenario. having someone else with you just takes away tension and fear because in Dead Space a lot of the reason why it could scare me was because I was isolated from any human contact and the only human contact I had was either dead residence of the Ishimura or kendra and Zach, but they were, for the most part, nowhere near you, so you were left surviving on the ship by yourself, hence the name of the genre, survival-horror.

Now I know that Dead Space: Extraction can still be scary, i guess, in it's own right and could still be a decent game, but it goes against most of the reasons why I found Dead Space to be such a winner.