The Bestest Arcade Piggy Bank

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Screw interest rates! Is there a better way to sock money away than this? No dear reader, there ain't.


You're looking at a mini replica Space Invaders table top arcade cabinet that's actually a piggy bank from Takara Tomy. The bank's LCD screen acts as the coin counter and lights up each time a hundred yen coin is entered. It holds 80 hundred yen coins, which is the equivalent of roughly US$89.

I love tabletop style arcade cabinets. Perfect for playing. Perfect for resting drinks on. Game developer Goichi Suda loves them, too. Learned that he has one in his office when interviewing him for Arcade Mania. One of this in your office — how cool is that?


Space Invaders Piggy Bank []

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Ah, "Stock money"! Had to read this in full, cause I could not understand what this was supossed to be, for it 'socked' money... funny typo there, BAsh. =)

Id really love to have one of these running Geometry Wars Galaxies in it. ^_^