I’ve spent a couple of hours in Lego Worlds this week, and I am absolutely loving it. The main reason? There are a ton of things and creatures lying around, all of which you can ride with the press of a button.

I’m not much for building things. Embarrassingly, I was one of those weird kids that never knew what to do with Lego—so going in, I was worried that Lego Worlds wouldn’t be the right game for me. To my surprise, Lego Worlds still managed to enchant me with a sense of wonder for its universe. Playing it feels like discovering something new every moment, and that feels rare nowadays.


[Me, mounting a polar bear at sunset]

As you might already know, Lego Worlds is a Minecraft-style game that spawns you on a randomized map full of landmasses with all sorts of Lego stuff, from buildings to flora and fauna. I spawned right next to a goat the first time around, and promptly rode it further into the island I was standing on. Within minutes, I found a car. Within seconds, I crashed this car into an ocean. I was heartbroken!

Don’t worry, the heartbreak was short-lived. Not long after that, I found and rode a horse. Then I found an eagle. Then I soared the skies, in search of whatever else lied hidden within Lego Worlds. It felt very American, in a way. Manifest destiny and all that.


In the distance, I could see clouds. I thought they were just there as decorations in the sky, but I flew toward them anyway, just in case. Lo and behold, I could actually stand on the clouds, as they were all made of blocks. Not only that, but for whatever reason, the game had spawned a goat up there! Being a major asshole, I pushed this goat off the cloud, into the ocean. It died. Most of my encounters in Lego Worlds have started and ended this way—there was that one time I saw a wizard, exclaimed, holy shit, it’s a wizard! And then I pushed the wizard into a volcano and it died. The end. (For the wizard, at least.) In my defense, Lego Worlds’ interact feature is pretty limited at the moment, and the only real thing you can do to other characters you meet is attack them and push them. In short, I am blaming the game for my murder sprees.


In any case, somehow, the eagle was not the end of my vehicle escapades. I also managed to find a buggy (which I accidentally destroyed while trying to figure out the game’s build function), and a drill (which I lost after trying to test whether or not you can drill ocean blocks). (You can, but eventually your drill will sink. Or worse:

[Source: Aleister Morgan]

My favorite moment thus far, however, was after I discovered a dragon for the first time. I watched it from afar with awe. Had I somehow come across the game’s boss? This quickly?? How was I supposed to defeat it? Could my little Lego hands even do any damage to it?


Feeling brave, I went right up to the dragon. It paid me no mind. That’s when I noticed I could ride it—naturally, I did exactly that. Let me tell you: dragons are MASSIVE in this game. You feel powerful sitting on top of one, especially given that right clicking lets you shoot fireballs at stuff:


I absolutely did not abuse this power to terrorize the other creatures in Lego Worlds. No siree.

Seriously though, riding a dragon is such a treat in this game—it almost feels too good to be true; like the sort of thing you should only find after hours of playing.


I’m excited to dive back in and see what other goodies the game has in store for me still.

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