To win you'll have to tune your vehicle, using cash earned from exhibitions and daily challenges to purchase better tires, more powerful engines, and other upgrades that aid in balancing power with potential wheel spin. Crafting your ultimate ride out of base models from Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, GM, Mini and Nissan is a balancing act; thankfully CSR Racing holds your hand throughout the process, helping ensure your engine block doesn't drop out mid-race.


The game is free, which is also a plus, but freedom comes at a cost. You've only got a set amount of fuel points to race with; once you run out you'll have to wait or pay for more. It's almost a Facebook game in iPhone clothing in the regard. You can earn gold to purchase rare new cars, or you can buy it.

I've not spent a single cent on CSR Racing, and so far I'm still having fun. My car has a fancy sticker on the side and parts more valuable than the initial vehicle investment. Sure, I've only got the one ride, but I've come to depend on it. It's my pal.

CSR Racing's races only last seconds, but that's okay. It just means I can race more, and that's no drag.

CSR Racing (Free) [iTunes]