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Even though we still have to wait for the second expansion, Legacy of the Void, the competitive StarCraft II scene is well and alive and had a great 2014. SC2HL's compilation is proof of that, showing the highlights of some incredible games from last year.


Goosebumps/10 edit from beginning to end thanks to the commentary and all the dramatic music.

Here's a breakdown of all the matches included in the video (via r/starcraft) with links to their full versions.

  1. herO vs. HyuN, IEM Katowice 2014
  2. Solar vs. ByuL, GSL Code S Ro32 Group F Match 4 Set 1
  3. herO vs. Polt, IEM Katowice 2014
  4. Rain vs. Hero, SPL 2014
  5. Jjakji vs Revival, IEM Katowice
  6. Bomber vs. Pigbaby, WCS America Season 2
  7. Flash vs Parting, Homestory Cup X
  8. Stork vs Scarlett, Homestory Cup IX
  9. Flash vs Parting, Homestory Cup X Grand Finals

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