Some Pokémon characters are fairly easy to bring to life. Other characters are quite difficult and certainly no day at the beach. That is, unless you are already at the beach.

The above image is a recreation of Dugtrio, a Mole Pokémon, facing off with Machamp, the multi-armed macho Superpower Pokémon.

The reenacted version isn't totally accurate. Machamp, for example, has too many arms. But that matters little when you consider that three dudes were buried in the sand to make Dugtrio.

The above image, uploaded yesterday by Twitter user @z_mossan, is going viral in Japan and has been retweeted over 27,000 times. That's a lot! There are also remixed versions:


やせいの カイリキーが あらわれた! いけっ! ダグトリオ! [@z_mossan]

Photos: owat_y, owat_y

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