Nintendo 3DS game Pokémon Art Academy aims to teach players how to draw Pocket Monsters the right way. But what if you don't want to learn to draw the right way? What if you just want to screw around? You can do that, too.

As Kotaku previously covered, the game gives player tips on how to draw, providing a template as a reference point. Some players are totally ignoring that template.

[Photo: mosomosomosoko]

Pikachu? Nope, this player is drawing popular character Funassyi.

[Photo: baaaaacham]

[Photo: marumaro3725]

[Photo: fubuki158]

The Art Academy teacher says, "You drew a good Fennekin!"

[Photo: marumaro3725]

Fletchling is turned into a yakitori ad (geddit?), which reads, "One skewer 90 yen. Beer 350 yen. Tasty!"

[Photo: mosomosomosoko]

[Photo: fubuki158]

Here, the player is compliment on the Pachirisu drawing. But that's not Pachirisu... I'm getting the feeling that maybe you can draw anything.

[Photo: s_muke]

Folks sure love Fennekin.

[Photo: marumaro3725]

Now that's good.

[Photo: Pocket_drop]

[Photo: mari_ne777]

That's cute.

[Photo: neonightlife]

That's not.

[Photo: misterror491]

And here is a Spiritomb of nightmares.

Be sure to check back for more Pokémon Art Academy impressions.

Top photo: gonzarez1938

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