The Best PlayStation 3 Ad We've Ever Seen Will Give You Chills

When Sony announced their "Long Live Play" campaign a few weeks back, the entire interwebs lit up with buzz as to what it would herald. A PlayStation Home re-launch? New on Vita? Now, weeks of speculation have come to this, the "Michael" advert: a parade of first-class characters from the best games available on the PS3. You've got your Nathan Drake, Cole McGrath and some Chimera aliens from Insomniac's Resistance games all cheering the humble player who, in essence, brought them all to life.


So, while there may be some disappointment that the ad doesn't herald any big platform developments for the PS3, let's at least glory in the high production values and pitch-perfect character moments that the "Michael" video offers. Makes you want to change your name, doesn't it?

PlayStation Nation – "Long Live Play" Celebrates YOU [PlayStation Blog]

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I liked it, but a few things seemed a bit weird or out-of-place. Why were some of the humanoid characters represented with CGI, while others weren't? Kratos just looked strange and fake, especially standing next to a real-life Athena. Same with the Little Sister and Ezio.

They did a great job casting a convincing Snake, Nathan Drake, and Cole McGrath, so why not stay consistent?

Cole was especially good, imo.