The Best Place to Loiter in Guild Wars 2

Every massively multiplayer online role-playing game needs a place for players to hang out, shout their auctions, and bitch about the development team working on the game they're currently spending every waking hour playing. For Guild Wars 2, that city is Lion's Arch.


The city of Lion's Arch was a hub for adventurers in the days of the original Guild Wars as well, but 250 years changes a town. The once proud capital city of Kryta was destroyed when the Elder Dragon Zhaitan rose. Pirates and smugglers formed shanty towns in the rubble, those settlements slowly growing into a new Lion's Arch, one with no political allegiances. A place where beings of all races can come together and complain about ArenaNet.

Hit up the link below for more information on the new and improved Lion's Arch. It might not have many lions, but arches? Oh they've got arches.

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City of Lion's Arch [Guild Wars 2]

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Wow, that is gorgeous.

Sorry, I haven't been paying that much attention - is Guild Wars 2 actually an MMORPG this time around, or is it an instanced online RPG like the original (or PSO/Diablo 2)?