The Best of Portal 2's Forlorn, Fan-Made Music Videos

Portal 2 developer Valve challenged the video making masses to turn the first-person puzzler's original song by The National ("Exile Vilify") into an equally original music video. Valve announced the winner of that contest, which was dominated by one very sad looking sock puppet.

Valve also revealed the many runners up who competed in the Portal 2 video contest, many of which are varied, creative and beautifully shot. You can see a small selection of those videos above, or visit the official Portal 2 site for a half dozen other ways creative types put "Exile Vilify" to video.


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"1.00000000001th Place" winner

2nd Place winner

The winner of Valve's unofficial "Best Use of LEGO" award.

The winner of Valve's unofficial "Best Video Our Lawyers Won't Let Us Pick" award.

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