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The Best Of Kotaku, This Week

Illustration for article titled The Best Of emKotaku/em, This Week

Welcome to the Best of Kotaku, where I round up all of this week's best content.


Up above, we see a cosplay of Katamari Damacy, which comes from PAX East.


Now let's move on to reading this week's best content, courtesy of us.

Video Games Gave Him the Chance to Prove He Is American

Owen Good shares the story of how one gamer was able to prove his residency thanks to his Xbox Live purchases. More »

Gears of War: Judgment: The Kotaku Review


Patricia isn't too impressed with Gears of War: Judgment, but she's reserving judgment (hehe) until she can play with the public online. More »

This Year's Craziest Video Game Conspiracy Theory, the Uncanny Valley, and, Oh Yeah, Metal Gear


Brian Ashcraft tells us about all the conspiracy theories surrounding Phantom Pain and its supposed developer. More »

She's Sexy. Now Kill Her?


Stephen Totilo contemplates the sexualized female characters in God of War: Ascension and how we're meant to kill them. More »

Your Complete Guide To The SimCity Disaster


Jason Schreier explains how everything went right and wrong and right again. More »

Believe It Or Not, There Is Actually More Than One Way To Play A Game


Patricia wonders why players sometimes get caught up in favorites and ignore other weapons, characters, maps, etc. More »

What John Riccitiello Was Right About


Stephen reflects back on the direction EA's now ex-CEO took the company during his tenure. More »

Heart Of The Swarm Is Full Of Easter Eggs And Video Game References


Gergo Vas rounds up a bunch of easter eggs for the new expansion. More »

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Is The Worst Game I've Played This Year


Kirk Hamilton suffers through this new The Walking Dead game. More »

Internet Killed The Video Star: The Extraordinary Journey Of Adam Sessler


Jason interviews Adam Sessler for a fascinating story about his life and career. More »

You're With Me: 5 Team Board Games You Should Play


Quintin Smith offers five board games that are great for social play. More »

Strings Attached: What We're Not Allowed to Talk About When Reviewing Games


Stephen explains what we are and are not allowed to talk about when reviewing video games. More »

The Coolest, Weirdest Gabe Newell Fan Art We Could Find


Patricia finds a bunch of weird and crazy art. More »

The Irrepressible Ingenuity Of People Who Draw Dicks In Video Games


Stephen investigates why people like to draw penises in games. More »

One Last Crazy Theory About Mass Effect 3's Ending


Jordan Rivas gives us one last crazy but fun theory about Mass Effect 3's ending. More »

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon: The Kotaku Review


Patricia finds that Luigi's solitary ghostbusting adventure is worth playing. More »

Her Amazing Dress is Made of Magic: The Gathering Cards. So Is Her Axe.


Stephen finds one of the most amazing costumes at PAX. More »

The Cosplay of PAX East, Day One

A round up of the notable PAX cosplay this Friday. More »

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