Helloooo Kotaku! Happy weekend to you. This has been quite the busy week, what with Stephen off at a pre-E3, week-long event. Fortunately, he was still prepared with gifts. Gifts in the form of previews of Watch Dogs, The Last of Us and Scribblenauts Unmasked, disappointing but perhaps expected news from EA, and a cute perspective from Nintendo. Check out his stories and everyone else's over on Kotaku Selects.

On to what you're looking at above over there. That's Octodad—the silly game about raising a family while also trying to pretend like you're not totally obviously a friggin' octopus—combined with everyone's favorite meth show—Breaking Bad. Courtesy of the very talented Will Olthouse, and found by tigsource.


Oh, and, I started my new column this week! I think it went well. Don't hesitate to send me questions for next week's edition. Have a good one, everyone.

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