The Best of Kotaku, The Week of December 16

It's holiday time! Is everyone vacationing yet? Back home with the parents? I'm currently in freezing Upstate, New York, hanging out with my family and two rowdy dogs. If you need to catch up on Kotaku (or an excuse to zone out for a while amidst family business) browse our best content over at Kotaku Selects.


The GIF above is by Pedro Miranda Filho, and it's how I imagine my Isabelle in my Animal Crossing town looks right about now, after months and months of neglecting her :( Oops!

Have a good holiday, everyone.

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Nicholas Payne

I just picked up New Leaf a couple days ago. Enjoying it so far, but the constant "Wait until tomorrow to do this thing!" schtick feels less "Wow, what a unique and innovative mechanic!" like it did in the Gamecube days and more "Wow, this is a free to play except I can't actually pay to get rid of the timers!"