The Best Of Kotaku, Mass Effect Week Edition

Illustration for article titled The Best Of emKotaku/em, Mass Effect Week Edition

It was Mass Effect Week here at Kotaku. We, uh, we might've overdone it a bit! It's the first time we've tried a themed week and we probably got a bit too excited at the prospect of sharing all of our thoughts with you, in light of the conclusion of the trilogy with the release of the Citadel DLC. Regardless, we're definitely musing over other themed weeks for the future. Don't worry, we'll be sure to tinker with our methods of bashing you over the head with it. In the meantime, check out our Mass Effect Week and other Kotaku Selects over on our new home for what you know as Best of Kotaku. And have a good weekend! [Shepurrrrrd seen on Twitter, but let us know if you know who the artist is]

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I think the artists' name is Darijakarta. On other news feed .... THIS!