To: Bashcraft From: Fahey Re: Totoro, Reproduced In Bread And Chocolate Have you ever woken up just minutes before it was time to write the night note, having just spent the past hour half asleep and half awake in your computer chair, finger relexively clicking your right mouse button? No? Me either. *stretches and yawns* So, what'd I miss? Oh wait, this isn't about what I missed. It's about... What you missed today Logitech's Unveils $250 Guitar Hero Controller World Of Warcraft Plagued By Zombies The Nintendo Holiday Van Part 2: The Cheerleader Japanese Woman Jailed After Killing Virtual Husband Activison's Ex is Now Playboy's Miss November (And She Prefers Rock Band!) Frankenreview: Far Cry 2 (Xbox 360) World Of Goo Review: Fun Bounces Off Me And Sticks To You The Nintendo Holiday Van Part 3: The Band Gorgeous Gears Of War 2 "Last Day" Ad Sets The Mood