The Best LEGOs in Life are Free-to-Play

LEGOs are like a fine wine, they get better with age. But also like fine wine the finest LEGOs can get pretty pricey, especially if you buy in bulk. Thankfully, you wont have to sell your house or your dignity to get your LEGO fix anymore.

LEGO massively multiplayer computer game LEGO Universe goes free to play starting in August. Non-paying players will have access to limited game content including two adventure zones and one area for building LEGO models.


Players can upgrade their membership for $10 a month and receive access to the adventures, building spaces, competitions and community events of the full game. There are no plans for in-game micro-transactions at the moment.

LEGO is also making the full game available as a download, no longer requiring people to buy a hardcopy in a store.

The LEGO Group Launching Free-to-Play Version of Lego Universe [Press Release]

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