Researchers at Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou in China analyzed 57 different drinks, looking for the best hangover cure. They claim they found it: Sprite.

Sprite might not erase hangovers all together, but the fizzy drink could shorten those icky feelings you get from getting hammered and help your body breakdown the booze.

After drinking alcohol, the human body goes through a two-stage process to break down the chemicals, The Independent reports. First, ethanol is metabolized by the liver into acetaldehyde via an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase or "ADH." Then, that is broken down into acetate through aldehyde dehydrogenase or "ALDH." It's exposure to acetaldehyde that causes the hangover, whether that's feeling sick, throwing up, or having headaches.

When testing the different beverages, the researchers at Sun Yat-Sen University checked to see how each affected ADH and ALDH. They found that Sprite, or "Xue bi" as it's called in China, actually helped speed up the enzyme's process, thus shortening the body's exposure to acetaldehyde. And that means less of a hangover.

The researchers are readying an independent study to confirm their results. In the meantime, feel free to conduct your own research. For science!


Hangover cure finally found: Sprite [The Independent via ShanghaiIst]

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