These aren't the games we think are the best of 2010. They're the games that a system designed to track scored review averages thinks are the best of 2010.

Metacritic, a site that aggregates review scores from major media outlets, has posted 2010's half-yearly report card, revealing the highest-ranked titles across each platform.


It's been an unusually high-profile January-June, with many of 2009's bigger titles pushed into the first half of this year, but a game's stature doesn't always go hand-in-hand with critical praise, titles like Dante's Inferno and Darksiders failing to earn the scores (or sales) that messageboard buzz would have you believe.

You can see the main attraction - the overall multiplatform top five - above, but for the full platform-by-platform list, head to the link below; the most interesting is probably the Xbox 360, whose top 5 is dominated not by AAA releases, but by Xbox Live Arcade titles (though Mass Effect 2's appearance on PC plays a part in this).

Midyear Report: The Best Games of 2010 So Far [Metacritic]