Something from Sony's video game hardware offerings found its way into your life this week. Maybe it's a hand-me-down PSP, a brand-new Vita or a skinnier-than-ever PlayStation 3. Whichever it is, you can look at the games we think are the best available on each system.

The 12 Best Games For the PlayStation 3

Count yourself fortunate if you have a PlayStation 3. You're in for a good time.
Sony's home console hasn't enjoyed the same kind of sales dominance as the Xbox 360 or the Wii during its life cycle, but it's home to great exclusive titles generated by what's arguably the best development studio... More »


The 12 Best Games on PSP

Sony's first handheld gaming system is retailing for the lowest price ever now. You—being a patient person—have taken advantage of this turn of events. More »


The 12 Best Games For the PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita is the $250 handheld that either the world desperately needed or needed not at all. It could go either way in this era of rampant cell phone gaming, where many games are played with nary the press of a button or flick of a stick. More »