At PAX East, geek hero Wil Wheaton decided to check which generations the thousands of people attending his keynote were from by testing some gaming one-liners. People roared for each one.

"It is very dark"

"You have died of dysentery"

"Roll initiative"

"Shots do not hurt other players … yet."

"Enchantment? Enchantment!" [Update: Thanks, DeanBMV for showing me where this is from Sure sounded like Enchompment to me!] "Enchompment? Enchompment!" [Note from Stephen: Or did he say "Enchantment with a funny accent? A la... "Enchaaaaantment"?]


"I play Dark Ritual and Black Lotus and summon a Sengir Vampire."

"Our princess is in another castle"

"on see yend, uh tard, el hee-um" [Update: Several readers, including Jason Paul Bartlett, informed me that Wheaton was speaking the Oath of Enmity, which he used during Dungeons & Dragons podcasts for Wizards of the Coast. Thanks!] [Note from Stephen: Someone, please help! That is the phonetic spelling of whatever it is he said. I have no idea, but tons of people were howling for it.]

"Game over, moonpie"

Honestly, I felt like less of a gamer after hearing the crowd lose it for all of those, because I never head of some of them. You?


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