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Over the past couple of decades, Final Fantasy has done many things very well: stories, characters, art direction, chocobos, all that jazz. But one thing has always made Final Fantasy stand out among its peers: the music.


Most of the credit for that music goes to Nobuo Uematsu, the tremendously talented composer responsible for the beeps and bloops behind Square Enix's ubiquitous RPG series.

Uematsu turns 55 today, and on this Very Special Edition of Random Encounters, we're celebrating all he's done for RPGs by posting a bunch of his finest work. Below are some of the best tracks in Final Fantasy, presented in no particular order. (Feel free to post your own favorites in the comments, too.)


Final Fantasy - Prelude

Classic. The track that started it all.

Final Fantasy VII - Aeris's Theme


Final Fantasy IV - Troian Beauty

One of my favorites. Way underappreciated.

Final Fantasy IV - Boss Battle

This track is really good at pumping you up.

Final Fantasy VI - Epitaph

:( Poor Daryl.

Final Fantasy IX - Crossing Those Hills

Almost makes up for the crazy random encounter rate on the FFIX world map.

Final Fantasy V - Battle with Gilgamesh

Man, Gilgamesh is such a ridiculous series staple. I hope he shows up in FFXV.

Final Fantasy VI - Aria Di Mezzo Carattere

The Opera House scene is up there for Best RPG Scene Ever.

Final Fantasy VII - Cid's Theme

Regal, grand, wonderful.

Post your own favorites—and other Uematsu thoughts—below.

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This really really needs a mention, this song is about the most beautiful pieces of music that I know. I get goose bumps and all, it's just soo lovely and filled with nostalgia..