The Best Diablo III Forum Thread You'll Read Today

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This forum thread by user Furiant has been making the rounds on the Internet today. It's pretty entertaining.


Give it a read:

First, thank you for addressing so many of the important issues in this patch. After playing a couple of quests tonight, however, I've realized that the fight against exploiters will never truly be won.

  • DPS is still way out of control - in some cases I've even seen players kill certain monsters before they were killed themselves
  • People are still taking advantage of skills with unintended effects such as increased survival, damage output, and situation control
  • There are several chests that continue to drop gold when opened; there are also still other, more nefarious means of gold farming, such as killing enough monsters that you actually MAKE more gold than your repairs cost
  • I personally witnessed an incident where a player found a yellow item, and when they identified it, it had stats that could be exploited to increase their combat effectiveness - for the class they were playing at the time.
  • Some gear seen on vendors still had stats other than Vitality that could, in the hands of an insidious agent, theoretically be employed toward the end of making combat easier (less dying, and in extreme cases, more killing)
  • Bosses are still able to be killed by players - I don't have screenshots to prove this, but it is happening. Hopefully your data analysis can pick it up.
  • Some bosses and rares are failing to properly spam stun, wall, poison, set afire, teleport into pools of acid, knockback, slow, and freeze players simultaneously while they teleport-kite the player at supersonic speed, carpeting every square inch of the zone with toxic ooze and letting their invulnerable minions with boss powers one- and two-shot us.
  • I personally was able to set up a bizarre configuration in the auction house search panel where I could find items with specific stats and also be able to sort them in a way that was not effectively random.
  • A friend of mine told me they were playing with some person earlier who - and I'm just the messenger here - seemed like they might be having fun while playing the game. I don't know how true this is, but if it's even a possibility, god help us all.

I'm just trying to do my part to ensure this kind of disgusting and cowardly behavior gets stamped out as soon as possible. If there's anything I hate in a game, it's feeling like I'm getting more powerful and that my time and efforts are culminating in some kind of... /shudder... progression. I'm in this for the frustration and disappointment, 100%, and I stand behind you with every patch that brings us closer to those ideals.

Keep up the great work.

No word on whether Blizzard will address all or any of these valuable concerns.




This pretty much nails it. This is what happens when you introduce real money transactions, they make the game so unbalanced they try to nudge everyone into buying better gear with real money.

Why else the exorbitant fees for armor repair if not to make sure you cant actually buy any gear except with real money. It is disgusting of Blizzard. I for one am glad I didn't pay anything over my WoW subscription to get this game. They will get nothing from me.