The Best Cold Weather Friends a Mobile Gamer Can Have

Winter is coming, and we're going to need gloves. Not just any gloves, mind you, but gloves that allow us to interface with the touchscreen devices that have become such a huge part of our everyday lives over the past few years. I've been looking for a good pair for ages. I believe I've finally found them.


There are plenty of gloves on the market designed to give wearers access to capacitive touch devices. Most of these rely on placing special pads on the tips of certain fingers to allow those specific areas to access the screen. These are the gloves of the future, unafraid to look and feel a little strange for the sake of functionality.

Mujjo does not make those kinds of gloves. They make the knit Touch Gloves, woven hand-warmers laced with silver-coated nylon fibers that extend the skin's conductivity. They are quite clever. They are also, as I mentioned, knit. I'm not a big fan of knit gloves.

I will buy entire outfits at Wal-Mart, but when it comes to my hands I like to treat them special. Mujjo's latest product, the Leather Touchscreen Gloves, are just what the pampered paw ordered. Crafted from Ethiopian lambskin and lined with wool, these beauties look and feel outstanding.

They work incredibly well too, as you can see in the video above. Instead of using the woven nylon fibers of the knit pair, the Leather Touchscreen Gloves use advanced nanotechnology integrated into the leather that mimics human skin. I do not want to imagine how it does that—as long as they get the job done, I am fine wearing alien mimic particles on my fingers.

Of course when technology and luxury meet, wallets suffer. At €129.95 (roughly $170) these aren't the sort of gloves you mindlessly leave behind on the counter at Starbucks. I've already left them in two different friends' cars. I am pondering stapling them on.

Whether you're a fan of leather or prefer the homey-ness and affordability of knit gloves (around $30), Mujjo's combination of smart tech and quality construction should keep you gaming and texting long after the rest of your body has frozen solid. You might want to put on a jacket or something.


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While these are nice, $170 for a pair of gloves that are roughly the same thing as these is ridiculous. At $3.80 a pop I could buy 44 pairs of these for the same price. If my hands got cold, I'd just throw another pair on top of the ones I have on cuz I'd have 44 of them.