The Behemoth has named and detailed its third Xbox Live Arcade game, the title formerly known as "Game 3" and now known as BattleBlock Theater. Get ready for shipwrecked, theatrical battle action torment under the cruel direction of giant cats.

"Having shipwrecked on a mysterious island you find yourself both betrayed by your best friend Hatty and captured by the locals. All of this is happening while being forced into deadly performances," writes The Behemoth's Emil Ayoubkhan on the developer's official blog. "This however, is just the start of your problems."


The "official" BattleBlock Theater trailer is much more exciting than the previous footage that we've seen and helps to put our own hands-on time with the game at last year's San Diego Comic-Con in much better context.


Expect release and story details in the coming days, weeks and months from The Behemoth.

BattleBlock Theater – The "Official" Trailer [Behemoth Development Blog]

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