With the release of Rise of Iron, Destiny is now bigger than ever. As is this gallery of the game’s concept art, expanded and updated to reflect more of the work of some of the world’s best artists.

This piece originally appeared 9/20/15. As mentioned above, it’s been updated with Rise of Iron art.


In addition to its own fantastic team of in-house artists, including guys like Joseph Cross, Ryan DeMita, Mark Van Haitsma, Mike Jensen and Isaac Hannaford, Bungie also managed to rope in some of the best in the business for help on Destiny, such as superstars like Jaime Jones and Kekai Kotaki.

Below, you’ll also find pieces from other top artists like Darren Bacon, Daniel Chavez, Adrian Majkrzak, Dorje Bellbrook, Jesse van Dijk, Dima Goryainov, Allan Lee, Ian McIntosh and Klaus Wittman.

The gallery here comprises some of the best images the team tasked with defining the game’s look came up with during development of the main game, as well as all of its expansions to date. As you’ll see, some look almost identical to what we ended up getting. Others did not (where are my space tigers?).