The Beach Author Washes Up On Level Design

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Alex Garland made a name for himself as the writer of the novel The Beach. Then he wrote the script for horror flick 28 Days Later and the one for sci-fi film Sunshine. Now?

He is not only writing futuristic action title Enslaved, but he ended up doing much more than that says developer Ninja Theory. "[Garland] worked with our designers, first to lay out the first draft of the script so we could shoot it, and then he worked with us in-house once a week, all day long, to help set out the level design," says Ninja Theory creative director Tameem Antoniades, "because you can't separate level design from the story — it has to be as one."

Garland "effectively" became a level designer, says the Ninja Theory exec.

"Later on [in the design process], when we had all the elements in the game, [Garland] would look at it as if it was a first cut of the movie. He wouldn't just give feedback on where the video lines should be placed, but also on the staging of the events, and how to add tension and drama through camera angles and music and so forth... We have learnt so much off of him, it has been eye-opener."


Ninja Theory released Heavenly Sword for the PS3 in 2007. Enslaved will hit the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Famed writer Garland an ‘eye-opener' for Enslaved [Develop] [Pic]

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Enslaved is really shaping up to be a great title the more and more I hear about it. I liked Heavenly Sword but never really felt like it hit its potential. This game seems to be doing just that.