The BBC Might Have Confused Halo With the United Nations

If this video is real - and given its shoddy quality, that's no guarantee - It would appear the BBC have some issues using Google Image Search.


For a piece on Amnesty and the United Nations Security Council's response to events in Syria last week, it seems the BBC's production crew needed a graphic for the international body. So they went to Google. And got...well, what they thought was the logo for the UN's Security Council (which doesn't really have one), but which in fact is the logo of the United Nations Space Command, humanity's protectors in the Halo universe.


This clip ran late last week; any British readers manage to see it live?

UPDATE - OK, so readers are telling me it did indeed air on BBC 1 last Thursday, during the News at One.


UPDATE 2 OK. We've got the real thing. Enjoy!

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What does this have to do with Japan?