The Battle Of Forli Was A Costly Battle Indeed

Centuries from now historians will still speak of Assassin's Creed II's Battle of Forli, a downloadable battle that cost countless lives, and 99,999 Microsoft points.

Assassin's Creed II's Battle of Forli DLC is now available for purchase on the Xbox 360, but at what cost? Several Kotakuites who've attempted to purchase the new content from within Assassin's Creed II are seeing a bit of a price hike, from the actual 320 Microsoft point price ($3) to 99,999 Microsoft points, or $12,500.


We've pinged Microsoft for comment on the discrepancy and are awaiting a response, but likely this is just a glitch. If you need to purchase the downloadable content and don't want to spend an arm and several legs, try going through Xbox Live Marketplace directly, or just buy it online over the internet via

Thanks to Ray and everyone else for sending us the lovely pictures!

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