If you've seen The Avengers, you'll know there's a mildly awkward moment where, of all games, Galaga is mentioned, then actually shown. Aside from coming across as an advertisement, it's short, and it's relatively harmless.

Thing is, because it needs to be officially mentioned, Galaga and its publishers Namco Bandai are then listed in the credits of the film. Only, they're listed as NAMECO BANDAI. Whoops.


It doesn't ruin the movie. It doesn't ruin Galaga. What it does, at least this is what it did for me, is make me you realise, shit, there's somebody, or even a team, that has to proof-read movie credits. And that person/team screwed up here.

All those names, and titles, in all the movies...what an awful job that must be.

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