The Avengers Look Like They're Going to Be Changing a Lot

It seems like Marvel Comics' flagship team will be sporting a bunch of different members in the coming months.


The teaser image above got sent out today by Marvel publicity, revealing some of the members of an all-new Avengers line-up. The new female Thor and Ms. Marvel are plain to see, obviously, but their teammates remain in silhouette.

It's a safe bet that the central figure is Falcon/Sam Wilson, who's currently Captain America. And the flying person on the lower right seems to match the design of teenage cosmic adventurer Nova, while the silhouette on the left could likely belong to Iron Man. The biggest mystery is the shadow on the upper right, sporting what could be a hood and cape. Mike Fahey thinks it might be Doctor Doom. Stranger things have happened. Or, speaking stranger things, maybe it's the Sorcerer Supreme? The guy in the middle is striking a very Spider-Man-like pose but, given the coming Secret Wars shake-up, it could either be Peter Parker or MIles Morales.

Of course, change—cosmetic and otherwise—is constant in superhero comics. If there's any tea-leaf-reading to be done here, this teaser seems to point at Marvel spotlighting the newer members of its various character families instead of the "classic" versions of Thor, Captain America, et al. We'll see just how All-New and All-Different the Marvel Universe will look in a couple of months.


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