The Art Of The Last of Us Part II

Image: Eytan Zana
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The end of the world has never looked so good.

While The Last Of Us Part II is very much a game about people, and how incredibly shitty we can be, it’s also a game about beauty. In those same people, sure, if that’s the glass-half-full take you want to bring to this discussion, but I was mostly talking about the world itself, where an overgrown Seattle (and what’s left of its buildings) looks amazing.

Now that the game is out, the artists responsible for imagining this world (and the people inhabiting it) are free to share their work, and as we’re used to with Naughty Dog games, it’s all absolutely incredible.

Below you’ll find a sample of some of the environment, character and 3D art that went into the game. It’s not everything from everyone involved in the project, but it’s enough to give you a good cross-section, with links below to each artist’s full gallery of work.

Be warned: there are some mild spoilers below.

And if you’d like a refresher, here’s our Fine Art feature on the first game:

John Sweeney

Eytan Zana

Aaron Limonick

Ashley Swidowski

Alexandria Neonakis

Danilo Athayde

Soa Lee

Simeon Schaffner

Rado Markovic

Frank Tzeng

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Florent Lebrun

Robby Johnson

Jad Saber

Maria Zborovska

Ricky Ho

Danar Worya

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