This week in Japan, a special exhibit titled The Art of Gundam opened at the Mori Arts Center in Tokyo. Good, because art is exactly what so much of Gundam is.

Our colleagues at Gizmodo Japan were on hand to check out the exhibit, which runs until September 27.

There was a giant screen installation, which takes you right into the world of Gundam.

There were around thousand original designs, storyboards, art, and posters.

A recreation of Yoshiyuki Tomino’s desk from the time he created Gundam.

Small Gundam figures made from pure platinum worth 30 million yen (US$240,000) and solid gold worth 20 million yen ($161,000).

A one-to-one scale battle-worn Gundam head.

And it wouldn’t be Gundam without Gundam models for sale at the museum gift shop, including limited edition plastic models and pricey silver and gold Gundam available for purchase.

This article originally appeared on Gizmodo Japan.

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