Star Wars 1313 was a big-money game in development at Lucasarts, scrapped after the publisher’s demise and seemingly never to return. We may never get to play the game, but we can look at its concept art and dream.

It gives us a real good look at the design and feel of Coruscant’s seedy underbelly. I love the “mouth of hell” effect the opening to the surface gives, as well as the constant small touches, like the Falcon sitting on a launch pad (no clue if it’s just an artistic touch or if Han really had a part in the game...since it starred a younger Boba Fett though, it might have!)


The first section of this gallery features the work of Gustavo Mendonca. The second section contains images done by Bruno Werneck. The third is a collection by Jan Urschel.

This story was first published in December 2015.

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And finally, here’s the game’s trailer so you can see part of it in action: