I've only ever seen Golden Tee Golf in places where beer is served, and played by people drinking it, so maybe letting the latest version of the arcade classic communicate with Facebook isn't the best idea in the world.

Golden Tee LIVE 2011 will let players sign into Facebook before playing, and once they drop their money in, will update their accounts to tell the world when and where they're playing.

So it's not like it's taking photos of them hammering on Golden Tee's trademark trackball, or posting their high scores, but still. I can imagine a lot of people are going to wake up the morning after to find their Facebook walls spammed with "Brad played GOLDEN TEE LIVE 2011 at JIMS BAR at 11:07 for 11:43", " "Brad played GOLDEN TEE LIVE 2011 at JIMS BAR at 01:32 for 07:13" and "Brad played GOLDEN TEE LIVE 2011 at JIMS BAR at 3:56 for 01:03", etc etc.

While other golf games have come and gone, both in arcades and in the home, Golden Tee has stuck around for what feels like forever, its first game appearing all the way back in 1989. You can thank its rather compelling use of a trackball, instead of more conventional control methods, for that.


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