Yesterday, Apple revealed a whole slew of information about its Apple Watch line-up. No doubt many anime fans have been wondering the same thing: How does the Apple Watch compare to the Yokai Watch? Good question! Let's find out.

Yokai Watch is a video game anime that took over Japan last year. In Yokai Watch, the main character, Keita, has a watch that allows him to see yokai, which are a type of Japanese monster. The Yokai Watch was last year's hot—and very hard to get—toy.

The Yokai Watch toy doesn't actually tell time. It makes noises and has a light you can point at something. But that's okay that it doesn't tell time. That's what smartphones are for, right?

Here is the Yokai Watch toy.*


[Photo: Amazon]**

Twitter user Soo_mei compared the US$30 Yokai Watch with the Apple Watch that starts at a few hundred bucks and gets way more pricey. This is a serious comparison that needed to be done.


Yep. Further evidence that I don't need an Apple Watch.

This comparison is even more relevant, considering that Yokai Watch has featured a tech tycoon yokai named Steve Jaws, who introduced the new Type-0 Yokai Watch:


[Image via Paoking]

[Image via Logsoku]

Top photo: Surpara

*This is not my arm.

**I have hairier arms.

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