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The Animal Crossing Version Of 'Sicko Mode' Is A Bop

Illustration for article titled The iAnimal Crossing/i Version Of Sicko Mode Is A Bopem/em
Screenshot: Nintendo

Every wondered what it would sound like if Animal Crossing’s K.K. Slider covered Travis Scott? We got you, fam.


Travis Scott’s song “Sicko Mode” off his 2017 album Astroworld has been a huge hit, thanks to its unusual structure thatof transitions between three separate beats, its trippy video, and a verse from Drake that isn’t too distracting. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head.

Overspace, an EDM producer based in New England, posted a snippet of a cover of this song using only sounds from Animal Crossing on Friday. It took off.


The next day, he released the full track done in this style, and it’s truly incredible. Wait til you get to the part where Travis Scott samples Uncle Luke’s “I Wanna Rock.”

I never knew how badly I needed to know what it would sound like for an Animal Crossing character to say “don’t stop, pop that pussy.” Now I’m a changed woman.

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As one of the twelve other people on the planet in the cross-section of Animal Crossing lovers and Travis Scott diehards -- thank you :)