Are you planning to steal the wonderful new co-op heist game Monaco? Please consider the above message. It appears in the $15 game's credits. (UPDATE: Though it's not actually directed at pirates!)

Pirating games is a dubious past-time as is, but if there was a spectrum of games that might be kind-of-sort-of not scummy to steal and games that would be vey scummy to steal, Monaco would be on the "very scummy to steal" side. Wayyyy over to that side.

The game has been in development for several years. It's basically been made by two people. It's amazing. Think Gauntlet but with bank robbers.

The message above appears in Monaco's credits.

So does this message regarding playing the game online:


Monaco is out today on Steam for PC and is coming to Xbox Live Arcade soon. It might be a heist game, but the main guy behind the game, Andy Schatz, would rather you not rob him.

We'll have a lot of video of the game to share with you later today (sorry, a technical issue kept us from having that footage for you now).


UPDATE: Schatz says this message is actually not targeted at pirates. Shame on me for assuming!


The original headline for this piece was: "Developer of Awesome Indie Game Has a Message For Those Who'd Steal It" I've changed it to something more apt.