The Amazing Spider-Man Battles Berzerk Robots, Because Non-Beserk Robots Would Be Boring

After two games that weren't exactly dripping with hot web-slinging action, developer Beenox takes things open world in the Amazing Spider-Man. How focused are they on swinging this time around? So focused that they haven't noticed they've stolen the plot from a Robocop move.


Come on folks, haven't we learned by now that when you place the well-being of fleshies to robots the robots will always turn on the populace? It's as inevitable as a giant robot boss showing up in Manhattan, just in time for Spider-Man to show up and show off his new swinging moves.


I kinda wish they'd just do away with the silly plots and just let me swing about Manhattan unhindered. Or maybe peek at people having sex in the windows of tall apartment buildings. You know, the stuff we'd do if we had spider powers.

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Spider-Man: Edge Of Time was a huge disappointment for me. It was as if they took Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, were told to make a quick sequel and so cut down the number of playable Spideys from four to two and shat out a half-hearted time travel plot. Considering they once again have less than a year to get this one finished, I don't have high hopes.