Earlier this week we got the good news that SOE's MMO The Agency wasn't canceled, but where's the game been? In hiding, apparently. According to the game's lead designer Hal Milton, after the CES demo was released earlier this year the developers went into full-on content creation mode.

We went kind of intentionally dark after CES, we've been pretty quiet this year so we could go heads-down on the content. In the world of MMOs and triple-A game development we are actually a pretty reasonably-sized team. We're slightly under a hundred people. I know sports titles and other games that have much larger teams than that for 'offline' games. We're all just concentrating on getting our tools online and building as much content as possible – making sure that content is actually fun.


This explains why we've not seen anything other than said demo at E3, Leipzig, and the SOE Fan Faire. So when do we see more? Milton teases that we should be seeing something at the "'small' shows next summer, the ones they throw every year." Hmm, what shows could he mean? Massively checks in on The Agency with Lead Designer Hal Milton [Massively via Eurogamer]

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