The Actor Who Voices Lee in The Walking Dead Is Answering Your Questions Live

Exciting news, everyone! David Fennoy, the voice actor behind the wonderful The Walking Dead's Lee, is going to answer your questions live, right here. Let him introduce this latest live Kotaku Q&A for you in the video above. (Which was stolen from yesterday's piece, so don't worry! When he says "tomorrow" it means today.)

Dave Fennoy is quickly stealing many hearts with his phenomenal voice acting skills, breathing life into most recently (and perhaps most notably) Lee, the character many of us took on in a zombie adventure last year, as well as Gabriel Tosh in StarCraft II, and many, many other video game characters.


We've highlighted Telltale's fabulous narrative game here for you quite a bit. And we've touched on the excellent voice acting. But not nearly enough. For instance, did you know that each episode of The Walking Dead required roughly 1,200 lines of recording? I don't know about you, but my voice would be hoarse by the end of that.

So if you've got questions, Dave Fennoy himself will be answering them for you as of 1PM Eastern, and he will be answering your questions for one hour. Have at it!

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Dave Fennoy

Help! It's me Dave Fennoy and I'm trapped in cyberspace... I want to answer your questions... but I can't see them... HELPPPPPP!!!