Prepare Yourselves For Our Next Live Q&A With Dave Fennoy, The Guy Who Voices Lee In The Walking Dead

Let Dave Fennoy, Lee's voice actor in The Walking Dead and Gabriel Tosh's voice actor in StarCraft II, excite you for our next live Q&A.

It's happening tomorrow at 1pm Eastern time.

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I don't know much about voice acting. But it seems to me that a good voice actor can really alter their voice to fit the design of another character. That being said, this guy seems pretty talented as his "normal talking voice" doesn't sound too similar to Lee.

Another example that comes to mind that isn't a voice actor but a real actor is Gregory House. That man has the strongest English accent for god's sake! He completely changes his voice for that show. Me, every time I try to make an accent it comes out Indian. Doesn't matter what accent I try to do.

kudos to these voice actors.