Forget watching a movie; the best 90 minutes of video you'll see tonight is this epic recap of Attack of the Clones, the latest in RedLetterMedia's enjoyable series of serial killer movie reviews.

These are so great not just because they're funny, but because when you look past the "women trapped in a basement" shtick they're also great pieces of accessible film critique.

If you don't think you can spare ninety minutes (or would rather not be reminded of Clones' existence), you should check out their Avatar review, which gets to the same point, only it's a lot quicker about it.

Attack of the Clones Review [YouTube]

UPDATE - Well, that was fast. I was watching this an hour ago, but now, the first of the clips has been pulled thanks to a complaint from the Cartoon Network, which holds the rights to...the cartoon called "The Clone Wars". Despite this being a review about the eight year-old movie. What a world we live in. I'll leave this up, though, since you can still access the rest of them via RedLetter's YouTube page.