The 3DS Was Supposed To Be Out This Year

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The one big surprise from yesterday's 3DS reveals from Nintendo was the fact that, even in Japan, the handheld would be missing the 2010 holiday season. Turns out it wasn't supposed to be that way.


During a briefing session for industry analysts, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told those in attendance that his company had originally hoped for a 2010 release. When it became clear that Nintendo wouldn't be able to have enough units ready to ship worldwide by that time, however, the decision was made to hold off until 2011.

What's it made of, children's blood? Unicorn tears? Because if it's just plastic and more plastic, that's very disappointing.

Nintendo To Launch 3DS Next Year; Cuts FY Profit Outlook In Half [WSJ, sub required]


Major fail there.

I was initially pretty excited about the 3DS but now more and more pieces of info popped up that reduce my excitement bit by bit.

First hearing about choosing a way weaker gpu in late dev cycle, next to other hardware specs bits which are all besides the 3D screen side pretty disappointing compared to current tech.

Then the hefty price and now also no release this year.

I hope they at least use the time till next year to build a proper online infrastructure and proper friends system without needing console numbers etc.

On the upside the event yesterday had some positive news, too, though for some features they announced, after seeing how they did it on the ds and wii i won´t take them for real until i can try them for a while.

(Like the idea that Nintendo could add in a really usable browser and then not just as only app running at that time but also kinda multitasking style popped up during a game, sounds awesome, but come on..)